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Lab Members

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Dr Wayne Crismani - Lab head

NHMRC Career Development Fellow

Dr Michael Sharp - Post doc

Michael is working on drug discovery with DNA damage response targets.

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Vanessa Tsui - PhD student.

Vanessa is investigating the role of Fancm in meiosis and developmental biology.

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Adwoa Agyapomaa - Research assistant Adwoa supports projects in the laboratory in the field of DNA repair and recombination.

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Hannah Fluhler - Visiting Fulbright scholar and NICU nurse.

Hannah is developing novel reagents for improved diagnostics of Fanconi anaemia. She is also establishing a research project for Fanconi anaemia patients and their families and organising the 3rd Australia-New Zealand Fanconi anaemia family meeting. 

Past Lab Members

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James Beddoes - Honours student

James obtained first class honours analysing synthetic lethal interactions in the DNA damage response pathway. He is now studying medicine at Deakin University.

May Alsania - summer student

Now undertaking a PhD with Professor Alex Johnson at the University of Melbourne

Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 11.25.23

Imogen Reay - summer student

Imogen is completing her undergraduate studies at the University of Melbourne.

Leon Burgdorf is joining us from ETH Zurich for a Masters program.

Now working for Lonza in Switzerland.

Coming soon - You?

We are currently recruiting a postdoc. Check out the jobs section.

We are always looking for enthusiastic scientists and medical professionals to join the team. If you have an idea for a project or a collaboration please write to us. Contact:

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